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Crawshaws Solicitors Legal and Tax Advisers, Koh Samui Law Firm, Thailand

      Crawshaws Solicitors Legal and Tax Advisers on Koh Samui, Thailand offer their clients an international and Thai law service with English professional standards. Situated in the fast-developing Bophut area of Koh Samui, our resident lawyers and consultants are qualified in England and Wales, Hong Kong, Australia and of course Thailand.

      Through our Koh Samui law office and our associates on the Thai mainland and abroad, we offer a full service international law firm for our local and international clientele.

    Our experienced lawyers offer both an international outlook and a practical approach to the law combined with expert local knowledge.

      At Crawshaws Solicitors Legal and Tax Advisers we offer our clients the best in legal advice in Thailand and elsewhere at competitive rates.

Crawshaws Solicitors Legal & Tax Advisers •  Legal Services Samui Office
Phone: +66 77 246 081 Fax: +66 77 246 082, enquiries@crawshaws.com

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