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      In selecting a form of business organization recognized by Thai law, most foreign investors opt for a private Thai limited company. Crawshaws Solicitors offers a broad range of corporate services with special attention to the formation of a Thai Limited Company/partnership/offshore company and associated matters relating to employment, immigration and work permit issues. We provide a full service from start to finish of incorporation and beyond.

     We also offer a tax & accounting service in order to guide clients through the myriad of rules and regulations that apply to Thai financial issues.

 Our lawyers can process the following for you:

Thai Company registration

  1. Preferred Share Structure
  2. Shareholder Transfer Agreement
  3. Corporate Tax
  4. VAT Reg.
  5. Personal and Company ID tax cards
  6. Share Certificates
  7. English Translation of Documents
  8. Tax & Accounting Services
If you have any legal questions regarding registration of a Thai company or related corporate matters please call us at +66 77 246 081 for a free, no obligation, consultation.

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