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The legal requirements of Thailand regarding property ownership differ somewhat from their Western counterparts, and the processes and agreements required to satisfy Thai laws may at first seem a little complicated to those not used to investing in Thai Real Estate Market.

Crawshaws Solicitors is a domestic real estate practice with a dedicated office in Samui that is focused on advising individuals on their investments in the Thai Real Estate Market.

It is a basic principle of Thai law that foreigners cannot own land in Thailand, and can only own up to 49% of the total space of all units in a condominium building. A foreigner can own a 30-year lease in his/her own name, and may also own a condominium outright in their own name. Over the years however many foreigners have acquired an interest in freehold land through the incorporation of aThai limited company, which buys the land/property in Thailand, which does however require strict compliance with Thai law.

Our advisers, foreign expert advisers and thai lawyers, based in Samui can explain all the options open to you if you are considering investing in Thailand real estate and advise on the most suitable property investment avenue for you. We undertake thorough due diligence on your behalf to ensure correct title to the land, advise you of any restrictions appertaining to the land, and most importantly your access rights (servitudes) to the land.

For foreigners wishing to invest in the Thai real estate market, the laws are actually quite clear – they just need to be understood and followed. At Crawshaws Solicitors in Koh Samui, our English-speaking professional legal team will act in your interests and guide you through the process to a successful and fruitful conclusion when buying land or property in Thailand. We will help you complete your purchase of a villa, condominium, apartment, or, if possible, land in Thailand with peace of mind.

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If you have specific questions regarding real estate in Thailand, call us on +66 77 246 081 for an appointment for a free, no obligation, consultation.

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