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     There are various types of visa you can apply for to stay in Thailand to suit your purpose.

     If you want to work in Thailand, you will need a work permit. To obtain a work permit in Thailand you must first obtain a non-immigrant visa. Ideally, a non-immigration visa for Thailand should be acquired prior to arriving in Thailand but Crawshaws Solicitors can assist you in obtaining a non-immigrant visa for Thailand in a country neighbouring Thailand. We can also assist in converting a tourist visa to a non-immigrant visa inside Thailand.

     For marriage and retirement visas the process is relatively simple. Initially you can obtain a 90 day stay which can then be upgraded to a one-year non-immigrant O visa. You’ll need to meet certain financial requirements and provide proof that you have no criminal record but other than this the standard documents are required – passport, medical certificate, etc.

     Crawshaws Solicitors can assist with the application for most types of visa and assist with work permit services for Thailand as below. For more information please contact us directly at enquiries@crawshaws.com


Work Permit

     Business      Initial application
     Marriage      Extention
     Retirement      Renewal
     Investor      Cancellation
     BOI Visa  

     If you have specific questions relating to immigration and employment laws in Thailand or need assistance with your work permit, call us at +66 (0) 77-246-081

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